keeping my technology up to date

Of course, just when you get started using any technology, along comes a new version, and so it is with the Bento app where I am recording data for each letter. Bento 4 for iPad is just out and I didn’t waste any time wondering if I should use it, but paid the $4.99 before I got too used to the old app. The forms on the new one are a little different in appearance on the screen, but luckily–and here I crossed my fingers–the new app recognized that the old version was on the iPad and imported everything, so I didn’t have to start from scratch.

The new app includes a spreadsheet view of the data in any file, but as my colleagues would tell you, that just makes me cringe. Perhaps my view of spreadsheets will evolve or a spreadsheet fairy will come along and help to make it useful.

I still have that nagging question about keywords, though. I have only one text field for keywords in each record and type all the ones for that letter into it. Since I don’t really understand search protocols or databases, I don’t know what I will eventually be able to do with all the keywords or even if they should be in separate fields or separated by commas (or not). Might be time to crowdsource that question.

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