another voice

Well, this is an interesting find. There was a pretty fat envelope in the stack I was scanning yesterday and it seemed as if the envelope adhesive had resealed itself–that has been observed in several envelopes. But this one was really completely sealed and now I’m thinking that it had never been opened. Inside were a series of letters from my mother, apparently being returned to her for some reason. Was Walt trying to save them by sending them back? Was there something in them that he thought Ruth would want to keep? Was she saving them for the scrapbook that has been mentioned? Is that why all the letters were saved, for a scrapbook?

Well, today, I found three similarly sealed, fat envelopes, and I’m thinking that they are full of the same. They all have a line of Xs across the bottom of the envelope flap, which I now see as a key to the contents. I’m going to leave any such envelopes unopened until I find a better way to open them. I thought the first one was just being sticky, and I used a sharp-edged spatula to ease it open, pretty successfully, except for one little spot at the end of the flap. But now that I know they were never opened–why not, if she knew what was in them?–I’m going to wait until I find them all and transcribe them separately.

Obviously what is interesting is that now the conversation is not all one-sided. I don’t know how many there will finally be, but it will be interesting to find both sides of a few conversations. Here’s one obvious difference in this image of how the letters closed :-)

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