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I have added Bento for Mac to my technologies, supplementing and backing up the Bento 4 for iPad that I have been working with since the beginning of the project. Everything seemed to sync fine this morning, although the records on the iPad took on a slightly different arrangement on the screen. I have moved everything back into place and hope that is not going to be a regular occurrence. I like being able to see all my fields on one screen for each record. The sync also created a new blank page on each record called “untitled form.” I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with that!

I also attended a webinar on the new Bento 4 for iPad features. It did not answer all my questions, but I think I see a few interesting things I didn’t find on my own. I asked some questions, but the webinar was attended by an army of interested users and the primary direction of the speaker was toward business users, and my questions were not addressed. I have suggested that they conduct a webinar focusing on higher education research, and I asked the following questions in their web support forum:

Title: entering and sorting for keywords
Post: I have both Bento 4 for iPad and Bento for Mac.

I am recording data for a collection of historical documents (349 handwritten letters), including the dates of the letters and keywords. I would like to be able to sort them for the keywords, to find all the letters that contain a particular keyword.

–will I be able to sort for both keyword and date of letter?
–when a single letter has multiple keywords, should I put each one in a separate field (keyword 1, keyword 2), which creates separate columns in the spreadsheet view?
–will I have to export the final spreadsheet to Excel or Numbers for such sorting?

I am at the beginning of the project, scanning and recording basic information, and have only transcribed a few letters so far, so I’d like to know before I get too far into the project.

Thank you,

Hoping for answers soon.

2 thoughts on “another section in the Bento box

  1. Barbara

    I don’t know. Maybe I can leave all keywords in a single field in each letter, and then just do a search in the spreadsheet for a word and have it bring up all the records with that word. Still, keeping track of keywords in so many letters is daunting. I just don’t think the numbered keyword fields is going to work out. Say I have the keyword “motorcycle” in the Keyword 1 column in one letter and in the Keyword 3 column in another–how does that help?


  2. Barbara

    And I did get a good and lengthy response to my questions that I will have to mull over. One is to use a “simple list” field, which I am using, even though it does not appear in the table view. The responder sounds like a really knowledgeable person, which you don’t always get online.


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