Remaining Letters

It just occurred to me that all the letters will be scanned soon and out of the envelopes in which they’ve resided for 70 years, unfolded, filed into folders and placed in a file cabinet, recorded in a database, soon to be fully read and transcribed. Occasionally I read snippets as I scan and discovered in one of the earliest letters that Ruth had an idea to make a scrapbook, which explained the stack of returned letters that she had written. Those envelopes have never been opened, but will be soon. I guess I am fulfilling that mid-century idea of a scrapbook as a digital object befitting this next century.

So, I think I should take some photos of the letters that remain in their envelopes, because it certainly feels like a milestone. I’ll keep returning to this post with more photos as the stacks dwindle down to that last one.

12 June–I’m done with 1942. Just the remaining letters from 1944-45, and then the unopened stack of my mother’s letters that were returned for her scrapbook. And no, that’s not a tin of 70 yr. old tobacco–it’s a tin of marbles.

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