another interesting method for collecting data

Photo Credit: Peter Forret via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Peter Forret via Compfight cc

As you know, I’m bogged down in recording data in Bento for each letter scanned, which then populates a spreadsheet in both the app and the computer application when synced–and I mean it when I say bogged down. Nearing the end of scanning (of course, I am in need of more archival folders) I moved into an assembly line process and now have a huge stack of scanned letters that need to be cataloged, a job I try to avoid too often. I’m hoping that this database I’m building will help when creating an index of topics later, but I ran across this linked tweet on an inventive use of WordPress as a data collector, and it’s making me think about other uses for databases:

I do like the results that these plugins create; not sure if they would work for the kind of data I’m collecting, but it’s something to keep in mind for the time when digitizing the collection comes around. That seems far away right now, but I also know how quickly time collapses when you think you have a lot of it. Here’s the link to Martha Burtis’ post on the plugin project; follow the links in the post for interesting examples.

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