Moving the Project Home

As you may have picked up from some of my posts, I began this project and work on it on weeknights in Cleveland, where I have been working for the last five years. I go home on weekends and do other things, and I have always been a little anxious leaving the letters in a building where fire alarms are frequent. Nothing serious has ever come of those alarms, but it still makes me anxious. Then the radical change to my record-keeping software outlined in the last post added another layer to my anxiety.

So, beginning tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be taking the project home, driving the hour and a half to Erie over I90 with my boxes of filed and scanned letters and the few remaining to be scanned. That will be the first step. The next step will be taking my desk and computer home, which I don’t really need in Cleveland, since I have two desktop computers at work and a laptop and mobile devices for personal use. That will be step two and will require a little muscle.

Our little house with the funny green door

Am I anxious about them sitting in the back of my vehicle all day at work? A little, but not too much. I think it’s typical to start obsessing about possibilities for disaster once you’re far enough along in any project. That big tree at home could fall on the house, after all, but let’s not go there. I’m just taking them home where they belong.

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