Next step in moving the project home

My 24″ iMac from 2008

Stage two, moving the computer home. I bought this iMac I’m typing on in the late summer of 2008 after I lost my job, betting that being able to keep current and active online and using technology would help me find another job. It did. So in November of that year I brought it to Cleveland and it has now grown old here and close to out of date. In the last five years, they even discontinued the 24″ model, so a new one will either be smaller or larger. Still, it has survived being upgraded to the Mavericks iOS and I think it will be good for a while.

I have scanned and recorded all the letter data on this machine to date, and although all the files are in the cloud, this machine has been the warhorse. After this post, I’m shutting it down and boxing it up–yes, I saved the box–and taking it home. Desk and file cabinet soon to follow.

The smaller setup
The smaller setup

My little MacBook will sit in as my Cleveland computer, mostly for evening amusement, while all the work on this project will be done at home on weekends.

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