Going Home

At the end of June, I’m retiring, and this weekend I’m doing what my father wanted so badly to do when he was in Korea—I’m going home. As I’ve already written, I have moved the computer and since then the desk and most of my belongings. I even bought a new computer, which is still in the box, waiting to be the new workhorse of the project. Next weekend my remaining furniture will be moved home and I will be driving back and forth to work from there until the end of June. You can read about my failed career in my portfolio or not if you aren’t into dystopian literature.

I’m anxious to get back to the project which has been on hold while all my stuff has been scattered between two states, but I still pay attention to how other letter collections are cared for (see the next post for an example) even though I haven’t been doing the actual work for a while. I have also put off the annoying learning curve and transfer of data to FileMaker Pro, who now wants a hefty $179 upgrade to a newer version that looks a tiny bit better, but is still not what I enjoyed with Bento. Unfortunately, no one else has stepped up to the plate to replace Bento and most of my letters data is already there, so I need to learn to live with it.

If you have the opportunity to go home, take it.

13 July 2020: I eventually abandoned the database idea, even though such a thing would have been nice. But I also abandoned the publishing idea, unless you consider a website like this to be publishing, and that is where a database would have been handy in setting up an index of topics.

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