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I’m doing a little rearranging of menu items on the site, grouping some and setting a priority for the letters section. That’s because, as I mused in a recent post, I’ve decided to post the letters on this site, with a page for each letter that shows the scanned pages of the letter, followed by a transcription. That starts with exporting the PDF scans to JPEGs of each page in each letter, and then uploading those JPEGs to the site. I’ll do the transcribing after that. I’m starting with the 1951 letters and then going back to the WWII years.

At one point, I thought I would try to put it all into a book, but I have no expertise in how to do that and it was a weight I don’t need, so I’m casting it off. On the other hand, I have plenty of expertise blogging and writing online, and making this decision gives me new purpose in finishing the project. So the site may change in the future, but I think I’m pretty satisfied with the look of this site for the purpose of posting letters without extraneous decoration.

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