A New Readable Theme

As you might notice, I changed the blog theme from Elemin to Lovecraft. I liked Elemin, but it was hard to read with my old eyes, especially in doing transcriptions. Unless you work in WordPress, you might not know that the text size looks the same in the editor as it does on the published page, so that small font was hard to work with, even with my computer glasses. Lovecraft has a large, readable font that looks good on all devices.

The large font makes it easier to transcribe using the Mac split screen now available with the El Capitan OS:


Lovecraft is a relatively new theme. It’s simple, but has a space in the footer for widgets—one of my favorite site features. I feel that if you have read or scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, there ought to be something there for you to read.

I don’t know how the theme expresses H. P. Lovecraft or if it’s supposed to, but it’s working for me, as long as Cthulhu doesn’t emerge from it. I might put more effort into having featured images on some of the site pages, instead of the same header on them all, but I don’t have any ideas at the moment.


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