Watermarking Images

In addition to looking for a batch converter for breaking up all the PDF scans into JPEGs to post with each transcription, I’m looking into putting watermarks on the images of the letters. The idea of the watermark is to make clear who owns the image and to render it unusable to anyone who wants to take the image and present it as his or her own.

Yes there are apps for adding watermarks, but how do you make one to begin with? I’m looking into all those things. So I might need a batch converter for that, too. It just can’t be easy enough to find one app that would do both the conversion to image and the watermark, but I guess those things are just too different. Here’s the one I’m leaning toward: PhotoBulk.

It’s hard enough to read the handwriting as it is, so I probably won’t go with one of those all-over watermarks, even though that might be the best deterrent. I’ll probably just put one in each corner and do any other adjustments to the images that would make them unattractive to thieves.

Here’s an article from WordPress.com on protecting images: Perspectives on Watermarks.

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