Cleaning up my pronoun references

I took a breather after finishing the letters from Korea, and am getting ready to go back to January 1942. I’ll open pages to the public by month and not make you wait for a whole year’s worth, since it may take a long time to go through the hundreds of letters from the 40s.

pronounYesterday, before moving on, I went back and cleaned up my pronoun references in those opening blurbs that I wrote to summarize the main themes of each letter. I was using he throughout, meaning the author, knowing it sounded odd to begin that way without a prior reference, but assuming you knew I meant the author. It was personally difficult figuring out what to call the author, so I deferred until that section was all done. I finally decided on my father to replace the first he in each blurb, and I hope you agree that it sounds right and clears up any confusion. If you think that was an easy decision, you would be wrong.

It will be easier to write about the WWII letters, calling the author and his sweetheart Walt and Ruth, back in that time when I didn’t exist.

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