Father’s Day: Photos from Cavalry Training

The January 1942 letters settle into cavalry training at Fort Riley, Kansas, beginning at around 18 January. Here are a few photos from that period, some with commentary on the back:


These next photos are mostly concerned with the uniform appearance, but you’ll notice on one that he wrote January when he meant February—as he did on a few letters that had to be moved. I see my brother had to make his mark on one of the photos, since it looked like a place to write, I guess:

Cavalry002 Cavalry003

  1. If I had a bayonet on rifle—this would be quite a pose
  2. A fairly good picture with summer shirt we use it for dress—The tie is Cavalry style—We have to wear it this way when we are without blouse. buttons should be buttoned—Ha.

Cavalry004 Cavalry005

  1. Me with Rifle at “Sling Rifles.” Look at those boots shine. [added later: Sib]
  2. Kneeling position I got the highest score in the 5 and 6th Platoon today Jan. Feb 4. 198

I also added a few photos that were pertinent to the letter of 21 January 1942 on that page.





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