Blog Feeds and Web Pages

The blog on this site can be subscribed to as a feed, so that my “site” followers are notified every time I make a new blog post. The same is not true for pages on the site, which are static and not connected to each other—I can put a page anywhere on the site and add more all the time, changing the arrangement of them into sub menus, etc.

For this site, where the letters are the most important feature, it means that when I finish new ones, each on their own page, none of my 19 followers is notified. That’s one reason I’ve been adding friendly menus, so it’s a little easier to check a list of letters, whether in the sidebar widget or on the site map, and see if a new one has been added. But it requires manual checking, and that can be a drag.

So, another thing I’ll start is making a brief post announcing when a month’s worth of letters is done.

Consider this post to be an announcement that January 1942 is done.

I wish new pages sent out announcements, but they won’t. The lovely site Letters of Note posts all its letters in blog posts, but that wouldn’t work here where a timely arrangement is needed.

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