Periods, commas, and accidental s’s

I figured out after a while that some of Walt’s seeming commas are probably end-of-sentence periods that trail off. I often made the decision that they were periods (and still do) if the next word begins with a capital letter, but that’s not foolproof, as Walt sometimes throws in a capital letter in the obviously middle of a sentence. So I’m sure my choices are as haphazard as Walt’s writing, in case you’ve been checking up on me. There are also a lot of sentences with no end punctuation, usually at the end of a page or before the closing. I think these things are just the result of writing that tries to keep up with his thinking.

Then at some point, I noticed that when I type his word for thoughtho—I automatically put an s on it, resulting in thos. I have no idea why I do it, nor how long it took me to catch it. It seems like a meaningless error, and yet I still catch myself doing it. So if you run into a thos, it’s a mistake.

All this might make my transcribing choices seem like I’m flying by the seat of my pants and I’m okay with that.

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