May 1942 Letters, the Check Marks ✅, and Today’s Itinerary

The May 1942 letters have been transcribed, and you might have noticed that I’ve started marking completed sections with a big check mark in a green box. That will make it easier for new readers to see, for example, that the 1951 section was completed out of order, and then when earlier individual months are completed:


I might get started creating the June letters later today, creating the pages and posting the letter images, before I get started on the transcribing, but first I plan to spend some time reading. I picked up the graphic novel trilogy March, a story about Americans fighting for freedom, something we might learn from this site as well. I plan to save the books for my granddaughter, for when she’s old enough to read and learn about such values.


Then I might rent a movie, because it’s a rainy, dreary day. I’m leaning towards Denial, a film about how if you repeat a lie often enough, people might believe it. Scary stuff.


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