Reproducing Walt’s Hyphen Code


Only recently have I discovered—and maybe WordPress has made a change to how symbols affect code—that the hyphens Walt often uses at the end of letters and on the back of envelopes are not rendering correctly. Walt means them to be a code for I love you, with one hyphen for each letter, just as he often uses Xes or asterisks. Now when I try to type more than one hyphen, I have to fight with the hyphens switching to a bulleted list. I find I can usually get around it if I let it turn into a bullet point, put in the hyphens, then deselect the list button, which looks good in the editor, but looks like this to you:

– —- —

Or I can use an underscore instead of a hyphen and put lots of spaces in:

_   _ _ _ _   _ _ _

Anyway, I’ll either figure it out or substitute something going forward, but I’m not going back to see if it has happened before.


2 thoughts on “Reproducing Walt’s Hyphen Code

    1. Barbara

      No, even if I paste it in the HTML or type it there, it still comes out goofy. I think it must be that the hyphen has some specific uses as code. There’s a whole page on hyphens here, which I might wander through one day to see if there’s a solution:

      And more here:

      I never had the bullet point come up before, so I suspect some WordPress update that they didn’t tell users about.


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