Is This Walt’s Ruth-Less?

This image shows a P-39 named RUTH-LESS 2nd and its original pilot Lt. Col. R. W. Plahn. Is this the plane Walt talks about inheriting from a pilot who has been sent home, or did Walt inherit that pilot’s first plane? Walt doesn’t say anything about it being the 2nd, but maybe he will. You can see the photo and a description here: Ruth-Less


He does specifically say he gets his own Mustang, not a 39, so it’s a little confusing.





2 thoughts on “Is This Walt’s Ruth-Less?

  1. thane0

    I would say no, because this is a P39 and it is clear that Dad’s plane is a P51. But it could be that Dad has gotten Plahn’s former plane, and this is his new one, or maybe the P51 is Ruth-less the third. It could also just be coincidence, but it seems likely that Plahn was involved.


    1. Barbara

      I agree, especially because it’s “the second.” Maybe other pics and information will show up. Every time I think I’ve looked at all the pics ten times, I find a reason to look again.


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