focus on the process

And this is why I’m taking my time here at the beginning and still only on the second letter: Today I thought of a few more items to add to each database record, one of them also added to the transcription headers.

I had totally disregarded the envelope return address (slaps forehead) and today added that to the database record, because the postmark location, when I can read it, may not be the actual location. The return address often lists the name of the military base and location. For example, the postmark in the first letter is Junction City, Kans., but the return address is Camp Funston, Kans. I’m sure they are close, but I’m trying to record as many details as possible.

I also decided to add the label PM to the postmark date in the transcribed letter headers.

Although I could write on the folder tabs, I think I should get some folder labels–that would have been just great to have a box full of folders and no way to tell what was in them.

So, I’m still going to follow the tortoise’s pace of slow and steady until I’m confident I have a good process that will produce a valuable result. Next thing to look into is whether my database content will be searchable in all the ways I’m hoping.