October 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

The October 1942 letters are finished. The mood of the October letters is pretty upbeat, after Walt’s trip home at the end of September, and his plans to make Ruth a “Mrs. by Christmas.” It looks like she is planning to come out to Kansas to be married, spend a few days, then return home. What could possibly go wrong with those plans?

September 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

The September 1942 letters are finished, having ended abruptly on the 21st with no inkling that anything was about to happen, except moving the Troop garage to a new space.

The letters pick up again on 5 October with a short note after Walt returns to camp from spending a week with Ruth. Maybe he will say more about the trip in another letter and about how it came to be, since all we’ve read is how unlikely it was that he would get a furlough.

August 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅ + A Secret Code

The August 1942 letters are transcribed.

In late July, Walt started using a code to send Ruth little secret messages, sometimes on the envelopes, sometimes in the letters. I don’t know if it is some kind of childhood code they both might have been familiar with, or even which one of them started it. Anyway, if you are keen to use it yourself, here is my rendering of the key:

The dots above each segment of the key, one for the first half of the alphabet and two for the second half, should be placed in the portion of each grid you use to represent a letter to indicate which part of the key to choose from in your translation of the message. So a B would look like this: |・| Not to be confused with an O: |・・|





July 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

July was a short month, because Ruth visited at the beginning of the month—with Walt’s mother.

June 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

I’ve finished the letters from June 1942, which end on the 27th with news of Ruth’s impending visit to Manhattan, KS. Then there’s a pause in the letters until July 10 when Ruth is returning home on the bus. Maybe we’ll hear a little about the trip after the fact.

I often use these posts to reveal something stupid I’ve done in the transcribing or something I’m trying to figure out. Today, I’m just admitting that I don’t often know when Walt means a capital or lowercase T/t—and maybe he doesn’t know either. So I’ve taken the approach—oh, hell, there’s no approach. I just put down whatever I think at the moment.