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An interesting document with ideas about how to transcribe and make sense of your documents for cataloging: http://www.mnhs.org/about/departments/processing/transcribing_manuscripts.pdf  The link opens a PDF.It is surely not the only system for encoding transcribed documents, but seems like a useful method that can be adapted for different situations.


If you’re interested in a long, scholarly read on editing letters, this article might do (opens in a PDF): “Describing, Transcribing, Encoding, and Editing Modern Correspondence Material: A Textbase Approach.” One thing the authors argue is for correspondence to be considered as primary material and not just documentary material. Not for the faint of heart reader.


I added a link to the TEI page, the Text Encoding Initiative. It would be really interesting to learn that, but I think it’s a little over my head for quick consumption, and probably not necessary for this project. I want this site, however, to provide resources for other amateur editors who might want to pursue different levels of digitization (and yes, I know I am using both scholarly editing and digitization to refer to this project–and throwing in transcribing for good measure [I know this is not a digitization project–yet]).


Some links to resources and articles about scholarly ebook publishing:


I added a link to the TAPAS Project (TEI Archiving Publishing and Access Service), a site for scholars interested in encoding their work using TEI (see the post above dated 6/5/12). 13 July 2020: This looked interesting once, but I will not be moving beyond this blog—got old and all that. Just trying to survive this pandemic.

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