Trivial Pursuits

Avery labelsSeems like I do a lot of trivial things in this project, mostly revolving around acquiring all the supplies I need. One day I run out of tissue paper, the next week I run out of folders. As you might have seen in an early post, I chose to color code folders with little adhesive dots, pink for letters that are scanned and recorded in the database, green for letters that have been transcribed. Seemed like a simple idea and I have over 200 folders now with pink dots (don’t ask about the green yet). You guessed it, Avery seems to have stopped producing the little .25 inch diameter dots in pink, if every office and big box store in the Pennsylvania-Ohio area is an example. Even searching online seemed to show them moving on to different packaging and without pink. And, no, I am not changing horses in the middle of this stream.

Luckily, I ferreted out a supply of the older packaging on Amazon and picked up seven to see me through to the end of the scanning. What else could I possibly run out of? I should not tempt the fates with that question.

Yes, the labels are supposed to be placeholders for future labels. I know, though, that I’m not ready to design those labels nor the information I want on them, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to change the color coding now.

process markers

Until I get those folder labels I should have ordered with the folders (duh!), I’m going to mark the folders with little dots–pink for scanned letters; green for transcribed letters. Today, I’m doing an assembly line chore of scanning letters and placing them in folders, as well as creating the database file for each one. At first I did the whole process per letter, but the transcribing is the task that slows everything down, and I really want to get them out of the envelopes and scanned.