handwriting oddities

colon with dash

The capital and small A are hard to distinguish because there is often little difference in size, and the use of dashes instead of periods makes it hard to tell if one comes at the beginning of a new sentence or just a subordinate clause. Sometimes I think I’m sure about where it’s a capital, but not always.

The dashes themselves are pervasive and seem like an odd choice to me, but perhaps it was a common style. The strangest use of the dash, though, is with a colon, where it appears to come out of the center, or with a period where it seems to top it off.

I should add about all the dashes that they understandably vary in size, but I’m using the traditional two typed hyphens for a dash and allowing the word processing program to turn those hyphens into a long dash. I am not putting any space before or after the dashes, even though there is such space in the handwriting.

Thank heavens Walt numbers his pages, which I am recording in the transcriptions to indicate his new pages. Sometimes the numbers are enclosed with hyphens, sometimes not.