A Moment While I Puzzle

  • I’ve got a letter dated April 24, 1942 in an envelope postmarked April 27.
  • Then I have a letter dated April 25, 1942 in an envelope postmarked April 26.
  • Finally, I have an envelope postmarked April 25 with no letter.

Well, I suppose that Ruth could have put some letters back into the wrong envelopes after reading a few, especially if they arrived several at a time. I also suppose that Walt could have written some and mailed them out of order for some reason. What I usually do with such puzzles—if I notice them in advance—is to compare the letter contents to see if there are clues to the order.

Just give me a few minutes

Some Letter Sleight of Hand

If you’re looking for the first three letters that were listed under January 1942, their dates were corrected and they were moved to February 1942.

If you remember back to when you used to write checks for things like your landline phone, you know how easy it is to keep writing the previous month or year a ways into the next one. I think that’s what happened with these few letters, and I’m sure I’ll run across it again. Walt gets all the way to the end of January and keeps writing, correctly changing the day but keeping the previous month.

Meanwhile, I’ll finish January before moving on to the rest of the February letters, trying to catch any mistakes like that in advance.