December 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

There are only 11 letters for December 1942, even though Walt says in the last one that he will write “more tomorrow.” I don’t know what might have happened to stop the writing or to stop Ruth from saving any further December letters. Maybe Walt did continue to write, but Ruth was already on her way to Texas, even though he had told her not to come. Maybe she turned up on his Texas doorstep the next day. I don’t know what happened to stop the letters, except that this happened:

December 24, 1942: Walt and Ruth at the San Antonio River Walk

Walt and Ruth were married as long planned on Christmas Eve 1942 in San Antonio. I guess Ruth’s dress is blue, as we heard in one letter, and she sports the shorter war haircut that Walt wasn’t sure about. You can see Walt’s new Officer’s cap with the black band he hopes to remove after flight training, and his shorter haircut doesn’t seem as bad as he had described.

That does it not only for December, but for 1942. There are no letters for 1943—I’ll speculate about that later—so the next round will be from 1944.



October 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

The October 1942 letters are finished. The mood of the October letters is pretty upbeat, after Walt’s trip home at the end of September, and his plans to make Ruth a “Mrs. by Christmas.” It looks like she is planning to come out to Kansas to be married, spend a few days, then return home. What could possibly go wrong with those plans?