Walt’s Pilot Log 1944-45

Almost as soon as I declared that I hadn’t seen a pilot log that continued from the first one, I picked up a little notebook that served as a log for the remainder of 1944 and 1945 up to September. It notes the first time Walt flew a P-51, described in all caps as WONDERFULL, and even notes the date when Walt was shot down!

Mostly, it’s just a record of locations, aircraft, and hours flown. At the top of the first page, Walt lists his total time as 592:15 hours. That’s a lot of hours.

The two log books are very different in design, the second one being a small notebook that would fit easily in a pocket, although I suspect it stayed behind during flights and didn’t, for example, go into the water with Walt in January 1945.

  • The first book, from Walt’s stateside training, is leather-bound with pasted-down and blank endpapers. All the pages are folded and stitched together at one center seam through the endpaper pieces.
  • The later book is bound with a heavy paper cover, and the pages are folded and stitched to that cover at one center seam. The seam is covered in a paper binding on the outside of the booklet.

I’m creating a new page for this second log book and have added links to both of  them to the main Letters menu.

Walt’s Pilot Log 1943-44

Update 5 March: My winter slump is over and all the pages have been scanned and posted for the pilot log.

I’m scanning Walt’s Pilot Log book, as it shows his locations from March 1943-Novenber 1944, much of that time when there were no letters from him. Not only do we get to see where he traveled, but in what airplanes he trained, and then in the second half of 1944, we can see all his overseas locations and a list of some of the missions he flew.

Based on the information in the log, he is in Thomasville, GA in January 1944, so that the letter I have posted for that month should really be dated 1945. I’ll be moving that letter to where it belongs with an explanation.

There is too much information in the log for a blog post, so I have given it its own page and also linked it from The Letters page. I have only scanned and posted a few log entries so far, but the page is published so you can read it as it develops.