1 April 1942

April starts with a long letter, and while there’s no mention of an April Fool’s joke, we hear that poor Twila will be the recipient of letters from two of Walt’s acquaintances—a nice Mexican and a guy who writes “hot” letters.

It’s nice to hear Walt’s opinion of Aunt Ruth, his mother’s sister, even though there are no details. Given the nature of the letters to this point, I’m not expecting much in the way of an autobiography that fills in many family blanks in the letters to come. Still, it’s nice to hear his opinion of his Aunt.

Walt muses about living in the antebellum south, and while it seems an odd dream to me, 1942 is only a few years past the 1939 release of the film Gone With the Wind, so I’m sure it was not an uncommon dream for white people in 1942.



You fill in the date
I’ve forgot it.

Hello Darling:—

You know I wrote you a letter last night and haven’t mailed it yet. I intended to mail it this morning before breakfast and forgot. You’ll probably recieve this one before you get it. So don’t be supprised. I might also give you a different address in a day or so. There was a list of names tonight and mine was in B Troop, I don’t know whether I will be sent to another barracks or not.

They say B Troop is Squad cars, and A Troop is Tanks.—My oh my!

I gave, “Larry Saldibar,” Twila’s address—Ha—Don’t tell her he is a Mexican. He is a very nice fellow. I just thought I would have some fun. I suppose he wrote her a bunch of B.S. Although I don’t think he is a fast type of fellow.

We didn’t do anything today except go and see some training films, drill about an hour and go to a lecture, an easy day unh? I wish they were all this easy.

[unnumbered page 2]

Cuss the luck! Today is supposed to be payday and we didn’t get paid, The latest rumor, “hot of the latrine,” says we won’t get paid until the 15th. You’d think this gov’t of ours would see that we get paid regular, at least as they don’t pay much. I guess they have enough to look after as it is.

Say Honey, can you read my letters any better when I write larger, I decided I’d better do something or you would be throwing them in the waste basket.

Well, I’ve changed my mind a little already, If I get to drive something that has some action to it I might like this after all. I found out today that an outfit like this has plenty to do in case of action. And the 15th has a glorious tradition to uphold.

These guys that moan about having to go accross (maybe) give me a pain. I don’t believe they have very good blood in their veins, must be water.

One thing that might make you


(fel) feel better—As this is a new regiment there will have to be a lot of training before it will be ready for action, so I imagine we will be here at least all summer and maybe longer (This is just my idea of the setup.)

Say, I just gave Eggleston—(remember his pic) Twilas address—Ha—I told him she is a wow and that her dad had money etc. I think he is writing her now.—She’ll be getting enough mail to keep her busy for awhile. Some of these guys like to write to strange girls, personally, I’ll spend mine writing to the one and only—that is you. I reckon—I know.

I know this guy has a line of B.S. Maybe it will be a hot letter—I don’t know.

Maybe if that $42.00 a mo. goes into effect I’ll be able to send some back for a furlough, If not for a furlough, why, I think we’ll be able to use it one of these days—Whatta you say. Unh? Might help buy some furniture or car or baby blankets and buggy or, well, most anything—

Don’t mind me, I’m just (n) “ramblin” and spouting.

[unnumbered page 4]

I recieved a religious book from the Church, I suppose I ought to write them a letter but I can’t find time—I haven’t even written Aunt Ruth since I came over here and if there is anybody that I ought to write to (besides you, of course) it is her.—She sure was nice to me—Just like a second mother. She is as gentle as a spring breeze, in that way you two are alike, for none could be sweeter or more gentle then (your) you are—You always made me think that you and I should have lived just before the Civil War on a Southern plantation. You in a beautiful dress amid the flowers,—(illegible cross out) in a land of beautiful ladies, handsome gentlemen,—harumph [?] blooded horses, foxhunts and ballrooms—It is sweet to dream isn’t it. I guess that is my trouble, I am always and forever dreaming—I hope the more practical dreams come true, for the others belong to another age and are impossible, but—well I can dream, can’t I.


Say I must be wound up tonight, I start by mentioning the Church, then Aunt Ruth, the you—and then my silly castles in the air, Well, (if you) as I think it over I guess it is logical after all,—for you and my dreams go hand in hand, Some day—(The Lord willing and if the timber holds together,), Those dreams of mine, yours and mine will all come true.

You know Honey—I feel something inside of me and try to put it on paper but I guess I do a poor job of it, for as I read over what I’ve written it don’t sound like I feel, so just put a little more color into it, read between the lines, (intesify) intensify it and maybe you will manage to understand what I try to say. Sure an I think you’ll understand even if I didn’t write it on paper. For you are just as understanding as you are sweet and (get) gentle. That solves the problem (wr) right there. Unh?

I suppose my Dear I ought to sign off for tonight, it is 8:50 now and I have to walk a quarter of a mile to the barracks,

[unnumbered page 6]

I’m at the Service Club, came over so I’d get a chance to sit at a desk. The lights go out here at 9:30. It gives us a half hr. longer—I think that is O.K. as the evenings are getting longer and besides 9:00 is to early anyway.

By the way, is the evening getting longer back there—I’d sure like to be there after spring gets in full bloom. No nice trees or anything out here. You keep informing me of the weather and when it gets nice and then I’ll try for a furlough. Sounds good—I only hope that we don’t get dissappointed. [notes around word wondering if the word has 1 or 2 s’s and p’s]

Gee wish I’d get a letter—No—I know it isn’t your fault. It’s my own bloomin dumbness.

Well, Goodnight for tonight

I love you

x Walt x

(- —- —)

      W.             R.        W.
My Honey? Yes!—O.K.

Note inside envelope: I forgot a big envelope. Love Walt.



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