10 April 1942

This letter was written over April 10 and 11.

The page numbering is off, but Walt must not be counting the unnumbered reverse pages.


Apr. 10, 1942

Hello Curly Top:—

How’s me Darling to-day—I hope you are in as good spirits as I am—Ha—I’m always at my best when I’m “goldbricking”, (loafing). You know, we do more work trying to keep from working then if we would do (if we done) what we are supposed to do.—I guess that is the way with me tho—I am allergic to having somebody tell me what to do, especially if it happens to be somebody I don’t like.—Ha.

I just finished a letter to Twila, Larry recieved  his letter from her yesterday. He said she writes nice letters.

It is a beautiful day (I) in Kansas—Sunshine etc. The weather changes so fast here I can’t hardly keep up with it. I was glad to hear that it is getting like spring back there, I sure would like to see those Penna. hills when they start to get green, It’s the prettiest country I know of. But you know I wouldn’t “head” for Pennsy if I got a furlough, I would lower my sights and land in Ohio.


Apr. 11, 1942

Back again:—

Wish I was helping you eat that bacon and tomato sandwich, of course not on this day and date, but another one just like it—Ha.

I didn’t get this letter finished yesterday and besides I didn’t mail the one I wrote the day before until yesterday

I wish my mother would go over to Aunt Ruths and stay for awhile as she sure could stand the rest.

You know what I used to do when I got angry at my boss don’t you—Try it sometime—Tell him to “Go to Hell,” even if you get “canned” for it, it will build your self confidence up a little and I alway got a “kick” out of telling some concieted old goat to “lay and egg” anyway.

You’ll think I’m “nuts”, in the first part of this letter I wrote how nice the weather is, in this half I’ll have to say it is clouding up and not any to warm.

By the way—You said you never saw the sun rise, you ought to be here I see it rise every morning—Although I can’t say that is much inducement


[unnumbered page—3 in sequence]

to come to Kans., just to see the sun rise—I’d rather see stay in Y. if I were you and sleep longer.

So your purple blouse turned into black—my goodness, gracious me, whatever could the “Croubleation” be. Black looks good on you with a white collar—Pale orchid ought to also.

The Troop marched to Funston today (this morning) they are going to have a parade. I didn’t go as I sprained my ankle last night on the barracks steps—If I keep on ruining my lower limbs I be coming home on a Medical Discharge—tsk! I can just see me coming home on an M.D.. I’ll crawl or walk on my hands first.—Ha.

I see by the letter from the church that Robert Taylor is in the Army now—Is that your old boy friend, or the one you used to [illegible cross out] talk about or another one, I guess there were a half a dozen.—Ha—I mean Taylors.

There are some carpenters in here (illegible cross out) repairing some doors and windows, there is so much noise I can’t think

I just recieved a letter yesterday that you mailed on Apr. 3. You ask me if you are a “goon” Well my dear,


if I didn’t know you so well I would (s) swear you were slightly under the influence on that particular day,—It was the “gooniest” letter you ever wrote to me.—Ha—You must of been wound up.

I’m getting sick and tired of laying around, I wish we would get some equipment in—then we could get busy. I’m dying to get my hands on a motorcycle or truck or something—

See you later:— Love, Walt.

P.S. Something I hate to do:—

But Honey, I guess I’ll have to get rid of some of your letter, I have them all to-day to date but don’t have any way to send them back and don’t know what on earth to do with them, they are making us cut down on space—Every thing we have we have to put on a little shelf—I don’t even know where I am going to put stationary or shaving equipment—If the damn meddling (or something) saps would see that we kept things clean and then let us put our things so it would be convenient for us I would like it a lot better. Like this for instance—Another fellow and I built a table to write on, it had a smooth, heavy pasteboard top and

[unnumbered page—5 in sequence]

a drawer underneath it—They wouldn’t let us keep it, so I “busticated” it all to the devil—I made up my mind if we couldn’t have it nobody else would. Another thing—I had a tray under a window—I found it in a dump—it was all varnished and had 3 sections in it—I kept my stationary, shoe shining equipment—Magazines—Shaving kit, etc. in it—I had to tear it down—

No wonder some of the fellows “go over the hill”—I get pretty disgusted myself sometimes and if you open your mouth you get “slapped” on K. R. P.—I wish some of those high hat officers would get hold of this letter—If I thought they would I’d put in some more. They’re worse then the noisiest old women you ever saw—they have a room to themselves, we have bunk space and no place for equipment—yet we are supposed to look clean and neat, shoes shined—also we are suppose to write to our friends—I guess we will have to make our things hang in mid air. I guess I ask for it tho—I hope I get into the field with them sometime and see how light they travel—They’ll probably have 3 orderlys packing their stuff for them. Grrrrrrr!


Don’t mind me honey, if I didn’t have somebody to “spout” off to —I’d very likely blow up. With all my “crying” I still kinda like the place.

I just recieved a box of cookies from the church, I suppose I ought to write them, they’ll think I don’t appreciate them, unh?

You know “Curly Top”—I was just comparing pictures—I am still stubborn—Ha—I have one of those old machine pictures—your hair is [illegible cross out] away down to your shoulders almost below,—I still think you looked best “that way”. Don’t mind me I’m just old fashioned—only someday you’ll have long hair—I betcha—you look like an angel when your [illegible cross out] face is framed in a mass of hair—But —remember—I liked it when it was “upswept” too—remember?

Well Honey the sun is shining again, hope it continues.

My billfold is wearing out so I built (made) a little leather case for your little pictures, I can’t be losing or spoiling them—rather cut my arm off.

I just heard another rumor (hot off the Latrine) Maybe we’ll get paid Tuesday or Wed. “Wodensday” Ha.

[unnumbered page—7 in sequence]

Say—I must be full of B.S. today—as usual—but just moreso today.

The boys just finished building a sidewalk around the barracks and are laying around on their bunks—one old farmer is blowing a bunch of sour notes on a mouth organ.

Well Darling I guess I will say goodnight

I love you—always—forever—

x Walt x

Say Hello to your parents, Ruby—Grandmother. I bet they thing I’m terrible for not writing them—I am too—I’ll make it one of these days. It’s not that I don’t want to—I just can’t seem to get around to it. I haven’t been writing home as often as I should—I’d like to write again to my Dad, but can’t think of much to say. Funny unh? True nevertheless.

Holy Smokes—if I don’t stop I’ll be writing until midnight and you’ll get tired reading.


x Walt x

(+ ++++ +++)



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