14 April 1942

Walt sent this letter to the wrong address (used his parent’s street instead of Ruth’s) and it was returned to him, so he included it with the letter dated 22 April. I’m posting it here, instead, in order. That’s why this letter has no envelope of its own.


Apr. 14, 1942

Hello Honey:—

I guess the mail didn’t get through as I didn’t get your letter, probably will get two tomorrow. Hope a hope.

Didn’t do anything today—just loafed around the barracks, read awhile and wrote a letter to a fellow I used to drive truck with and for. I hadn’t written him since I came to the Army.

I don’t know what to write when we don’t do anything here—no news, nothing happened, just nothin!

Usually I can always think of something when I get a letter from you, it must inspire me.—

I can write some of the lesser happenings:—I’ve shined my shoes 3 times, our laundry came from the al laundry—We turned in a pair of boots to have them halfsoled, We ate “chow”—rotten! Had mail call—and now I’m writing my sweetheart a letter.

[unnumbered page—verso of page 1]

Who am I writing too? Why my dear,—I’m writing to my sweetheart,—I said!—I’m writing to my Sweetheart.—Oh, you knew that already.Well, if you knew it already what did you ask me so many times for? Oh, you just wanted to hear me say it. Thats O.K. Honey—I’ll never get tired saying that or writing to her [above and below her: you she] either—Ha—Say my Darling,—I’m nuts Unh? This army life must be getting me down.

Strange as my seem I feel an urge—Strange isn’t it—Must be the water we drink—Ha.—Say—does your girdle still “choke” you?—Gee, thats to bad. I guess you’ll have to start taking sitting up exercises—sitting up—laying down—standing—Ha—don’t mind me, I’m just ramblin’ an (“as Mom says”)

If they don’t get some equipment here pretty soon I’m going to get fat—Ha—Wouldn’t I look funny if I got fat—like a Roly-poly.—Don’t worry—Remember what I told you I weighed before? I was wrong—I only weigh 145 lb.


So if I don’t haven’t gained any more then that in 3 mos or so of not doing much, I guess I won’t gain much—Don’t you get fat either—wait for me and we’ll grow old and fat together—Ha.—Like the devil we will!

O’Course in years to come if you get a little heavy once in a while—well—I wouldn’t mind a bit—Ha—Would you?—Now isn’t that a devil of a thing to be talking about in this day and age.—You know me—when I haven’t anything [illegible cross out] special in my mind one thing leads to another.

I just heard some fellow “blowing off” about being married for 3 yrs—He only lived with her that long because they had a child—and beat it after a while—I think some of them must be nuts—Unh? I think the las least he could do would be to keep his mouth shut.

Well Honey—Guess I’ll —no I’ll have to give you the latest weather report.—Nice summer day—wind kept it rather cool.

Latest bullantin bulletin:—

A fellow ask for a furlough and they told him that for the present

[unnumbered page—verso of page 2]

no furloughs were being issued—Latest comment on above bulletin:—”Nuts”—Damn and Horseradish!

Well Honey, as I started to say—Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

Always have

Always will

I guess I have always loved you—for you filled my dream girl’s place so:—

I love you

Always have

Always will

x Walt X

(- —- —)

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