17-18 April 1942


Apr. 17, 42

Hello Darling:—

Here I is again, supprised?

I didn’t write last night as I suppose you already know—We got paid yesterday—can you imagine that?—I went to get a haircut and was too late so I met Bennett and Cline and we went to Manhattan—had a few beers and came back—but there is no “Privy” here that I can write in.

I got the Camels your mother sent—Hooray—I sure was glad to get them—Thank her a million—If I don’t


write to your mother pretty soon—Well—I guess I’d better write—Unh?—It’s not that I don’t want to write—I just don’t get around to it.

Apr. 18, ’42

Dear Ruth:—

I quit and went to “chow” then had to get my haircut because this is inspection day. Went to P.X. and got some shoe polish and lights were out when I came back. Holy Smokes!—That’s two days that I didn’t write.

Five Lts. and a Capt. came thru this morn. and inspected—and I mean


everything has to be just so—no dust—shoes shined—clothes hung in order—spick and span.

So Mothers Day is May 10th. Boy, if you hadn’t told me I would of never knowed it—I forget everything, don’t I?

Weather is lovely—Hope it continues.

About writing to that girl who wrote me—Well—I didn’t write her—don’t expect to—What the heck—I have enough to do.

This makes four times


I’ve started this letter—every time I’ve been interrupted by some Lts. making a speech or turning out for something or other.

Heard a story:—

There were three old maids talking,—expressing their opinions of the l men they liked—One said,—”I like Bankers as they have lots of money and I could have whatever I wanted.

The other said,”I believe I would like a Lawyer for they could think of some way to take the money from the Banker.


The 3rd. one said,”I like soldiers for (I) if they aren’t doing it they are talking or thinking of it.—Ha.

As for Mom, why don’t you send her a card as she wouldn’t have much use for a corsage and you couldn’t get a plant there—She would appreciate a card, I know.

I suppose we will have to play ball this afternoon as we are supposed to have atheletics [suggests above line for the first e “i or nothing—Ha.”]

Well Honey—We played ball—eat chow—Here I am—I think I’ll go down to the Post theatre—


So—I will have to leave now—

I’ll probably write a longer letter tomorrow.

I ought to—unh?



I Love You



You ought to publish that in the paper—Ha. I showed it to a guy—he said he would—don’t think I show your letters—he was just an old fellow who is a friend of mine—Murphy.

Love, Walt.

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