22 April 1942 (2)

I found this letter without an envelope, so I’m posting it as if it were mailed separately from the previous letter. Perhaps it was and the envelope was lost.


Apr. 22, 1942
Feb. 22, 1942.

Hello Ruth:—

I tho’t I would write g again tonight,—I just feel that I want to, ought to, guess I must be a little blue.

There is a radio in this barracks and Glen Miller just played “Moonlight Serenade”—I think it is beautiful and it seems to fit.

You know Ruth altho’ I’ve been in the army 3 or 4 mos. and am used to their ways of living and doing things I still get just as lonesome for you as the


first week I was away—

Some of the fellows say that after they are here for awhile they forget everything, some get devorces etc.—I don’t think they were really in love. I know they don’t feel like I do.

You know—,it seems that after I met you I was with you almost every night. I never (did) have seen any two people who seemed to understand each other as we did and if we didn’t on something we always got them straigtened out.


Everyday I always think of something we have done—or someplace we went—maybe something happens or I see something that reminds me.

This is the time I really miss you tho,—in the evening about the time the lights are to go out I sit on my bunk and wish we were nearer each other, wish I could see you again. I can see you, I can always see a vision of you, your face, eyes, hair—your funny way


of coming up real quick and standing in front of me when you got a sudden idea, usually something funny that somebody did or said—Ha—I’ve seen you do that a hundred times since I’ve left. I guess it’s because you always supprised me so when you moved so fast (once in a while). Ha. You always seemed so delicate that I was afraid you would break (if) whenever you made a quick movement, yet you supprised me more then once.


I never did think any girl would walk thru snow with slippers (holes in the toe at that) and still be cheerful about it, but you did. And, then we drank coffee on your money—Ha Ha Ha Ha [scribbling over the last three]

I laugh when I think of some of those things. I’d give anything to be back there again. but—

Guess I’ll have to get off that subject or I’ll be writing all night—probably even repeating myself and that would get tiresome.

So Honey


Till tomorrow night I love you with all my heart



Your sweetheart

x Walt x

(- —- —)

[diagram of the words I Love You with curved lines indicating how to connect them]

Love you me

You love me


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