23 April 1942

In this letter, Walt lets songs from the radio deliver part of his message.



Dec—I’m nuts.Apr. 23, 1942

Hello Darling:—

Well Ruth it’s tomorrow night already—my—some days fly fast.

They are playing “The Waltz You Played For Me.” It’s very pretty. And guess what?—A little while ago they played “The Blue Danube” and “In a Vienna Woods” or whatever it is. I love you and waltzs.

I went to school again today.—They are playing “The Beautiful Ohio” now.


Now they are playing “Till We Meet Again”


I love those old songs, maybe (they) and I am [above line: are below line: is] old-fashioned and slow but still like them.—They paint pictures of you—you and I.

I’m not writing much, take (your) my message from the songs. Now—

“Let Me Call You Sweetheart”

The announcer just said waltzs were made for Sweethearts—It couldn’t be (tru) more true.

Well honey—the music is all gone but you are not.

As I said, I went to school again today—Ha—Now—”Bing” Crosby is singing


something about the U.S. Marines.

I have some more studying to do tonight.—I don’t have time to go to the “Privy”unless I run.

Well—Another hole in the ground—It‘s has been a beautiful day, my hands are as “brown as a berry” I suppose my face is too. I wish I had a chance to get rid of my shirt and get a tan.

I got a letter from sis. Ruth today—I haven’t even answered the last one she wrote me


I suppose I’d better beg a short leave of absence and study awhile


So Long

I see you

Goodnight My Sweetheart

Pleasant Dreams

Peaceful Sleep.

God Bless you.

I love you


x Walt x

(- —- —)

Bings singing (Pretty Baby)

Goodnight “Baby”



inside envelope: I love you more and more and—always.

x Walt. x



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