24-26 April 1942

These pages are written front and back, but that doesn’t explain some of the odd numbering—there are two pages numbered 8 and the back of the second one is numbered as page 1.

On page 9, Walt mentions hoping that his letters get through soon, so that could account for some postmarks being much later than the dates in the letters.


Apr. 24. 1942

Hello Honey:—

Just mailed the other letter.—

It wouldn’t supprise me if you were listening to Glen Miller—I am,—the only thing;—he didn’t play enough of our Serenade.

I’m in bed now, guess it is the first time I have written from here—I’ve written from almost every other place here.

Just tho’t I’d write—

Good night

I love you

x Walt x


Apr. 26, 1942

Here I am again and I am in bed again [illegible].

It is Sunday morn. and I didn’t get up. I had to miss breakfast to do it but it is worth it for one day.

Gee it sure feels good to stretch, relax, yawn, roll over etc. Can’t go to sleep, can’t get up

They are playing some Spanish music and do I love it

It seems to be a nice day outside—I’ll get up sometime and go out I reckon, Ha—If I laid in bed for-


ever I’d bust—Ha.

I wish we were married (ad) and were living by ourselves then we could eat, sleep, spend all our time with each other—that is all—most all of our time.

So Ruby says we should get married when I get a furlough—I would like to hear her arguments—actually it wouldn’t take any arguing for me, except that you don’t make much cash here—Ha and how.

Of course under the circumstances that


most of the soldiers and their sweethearts get married they don’t need any money as he is just there for a week or so and is gone again. But—even that still takes money.

Now—if a fellow was a Technical Sargeant [above line e; below line a] or something like that he would make enough money to take his wife with him. There are several fellows that do that.

All just possibleties—I would like to marry you more then I want to do anything else in the


world—but—I don’t know what to say—do you—They just finished playing (Dreaf) “Dream of Love” I couldn’t spell the real name—It’s very pretty

Now they are playing and some girl is singing “By The Bend In the River”—not bad.

Now—”One Kiss”—

One kiss would sure be sweet, wouldn’t it? Yes indeed. I’d would sure “sail” back to Ohio for just one kiss from you—Just one sweet kiss.


(           ). (          )

make it two! please!

Now Honey—”The Blue Danube”—It is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard.

Well Honey I suppose I’d better quit and get dressed—Good unh?—It would be terrible if I got up and run around over the camp like this. tsk. tsk.

So.—Good Morning

Sweet Heart

I Love You.

J’aime Vous

x Walt x (- —- —)


Hello Honeychile:—

Know where I am at now—I’m in a very small section of Millcreek Park. About 500 yds from the barraks barracks there is a small ravine with some trees—grass, weeds—muddy pools etc. It’s rather quiet here—sort of peaceful. There are a lot of birds around and I saw a red squirrel.

I brough a novel with me and thought I would read a little—O.K.? O.K.

It is turned out to be a beautiful day and I enjoy being outside on a nice day.


If only you were here with me now it would be perfect and I wouldn’t have to read.

I never knew how lonesome one person could get until I came out here.

Hey Honey—There is a Scarlet Tanager (or Something) over on a tree—

He is a real bright red and I mean red—with a black face—Very pretty.

I’m sitting on an old tree trunk that had fallen over I’ll bet it is 500 yrs old. it is about 4 ft. in diameter—better make the 250 or 300 yrs.—Ha.


Although it is quiet and peaceful here you can here Army trucks going over the road from Ft. Riley and hear the Bombers taking off and landing at Marshall field, it is at Ft. Riley too. I’d like to be on one of them. 000000—

See you in a little while I have to read a little—be back soon.

Back again:—

I got to reading and didn’t stop until chow time. I’m in the barracks now—I have taken a shower and shaved now I have nothing


Second chapter

Part 1. Ha.


to do. So will write a few more lines.

I see you are wondering why you didn’t get a letter. I don’t blame you—Hope one gets through soon.

Some(body) of the guys are leaving for Omaha, Neb. tomorrow, they will drive back (from) some “jeeps”—Lucky guys—I have to go to school.

Well Honey, I will say—



I Love You

x Walt x


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