25 April 1942

Walt reveals his wanderlust and restlessness in terms of venturing into Alaska or some such developing frontier. Readers should keep in mind that at the writing of this letter, Alaska was a U. S. Territory and did not become a state until 1959.

It’s also interesting that Walt and his friends are already talking about what they might do after their service, when they haven’t even seen any action in the war or completed training for any. At this early point in his service, it must all seem a little routine and even boring.


Apr. 25, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

How are you tonight? If you want me as bad as I want, wish, you, for you you sure are doing some wishing and wanting. [curved lines connecting the second want to the second you and wish to the phrase for you; it would read If you want me as bad as I want you, wish for you, you sure are doing some wishing and wanting.]

Rained this morning, sun shone this afternoon, Clear out now.

Donald Cline is leaving for a motor school (this aft) (tommor) tomorrow morning, darn it, everytime you make friends with somebody away either they or I go. Funny part of it is I’ve been explaining mechanical theory to him all week and he goes to school and I don’t—I’m lucky that way.—Nuts.

I reckon I’ll get my chance some day and then I will probably “mess” things up.

I was lucky today tho I recieved a letter from your mother, sister Ruth and last but far from least, I got one from my Honey.

I am supposed to study motorcycles this coming week—I would rather learn to ride them—Ha.


Cline, Bennett and I had a last night conversation as Cline is leaving.

We were talking about what we would like to do after we get released from the Service,—We all seemed to agree that Alaska was the place for a young couple to go and make a home—now isn’t that dumb. I can (y) just imagine what their (wife) wives and you would say to that—Ha—Nevertheless I guess I’ve told you before that I always wanted to go there,—I imagine it as real Gods country—Mountains, valleys, streams, hunting‚ industries to be develloped etc.—In the next fifteen or twenty years it is really going to amount to something.—Don’t suppose I will ever see it tho—Ha—Don’t ever be supprised if I come waltzing in, take you by the arm and say Honey, how would you like to see where the wild geese fly in the spring.—I don’t know, but I believe you would live up to your name—Unh?

You know me—I could give a good argument for Africa, India or Alaska.—


Now you see,—if I was married to a young lady like you (which I hope won’t be too long), you would steady me up—We could take off for Alaska, make a claim—build a dwelling in some valley and with all the devellopment taking place there now and with the huge amount of devellopment that will takes place after they open up the Eastern side of the mountains I (co) would have a means of supporting us + a little besides. I’m telling you it is a growing would be a growing investment. And, would be the most independant [above line e, below line a] place to live in the U.S. I betcha—

Next week I’ll probably give you a few reasons why I would like to live in India.—Ha.

After all a person has only one life to live and if a man and woman could be happy living together—I guess it wouldn’t make much differance [above line e, below line a] where they lived, besides it takes restless people to push a frontier so that other people can live there.


Oh well, thats enough B.S. for tonight unh?—Maybe I can be a little more sane if I try, and explain why I would like to live in India—Ha—Just kidding.

Honey it is just about time to go to bed and then wake up to another dreary sunday—Blue Sundays instead of blue Mondays, oh well—can’t get used to them but—guess I will have to take them.

I got (illegible cross out) some good news from your mother—She’s O.K.—You know it—if you don’t I’ll tell you.

[five words scribbled out or just scribbling]

Just reviewing my penmanship.—ha—Guess I need it.

Bennett is raising Hell—he got a letter from his wife—he had a dog for 8 years and his wife got rid of it a week ago.—ow wow.

Well guess it is time to say Goodnight

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

(- —- —)



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