27 April 1942

The plan for sending back Ruth’s letters starts to take shape, after Walt mentioned a while ago that he doesn’t have the space to save them in the barracks. They came back in bundles of around 5-7 letters per envelope, with the number contained in each written on the backs of the envelopes. I opened one by mistake a long time ago and wrote about it here. The rest are waiting, unopened. Why didn’t Ruth or Walt ever open them? What happened to the scrapbook idea?


Apr. 27, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

I’m rather late and don’t know whether I will get finished tonight.

I shined Ha shined polished my shoes for an hr or longer—2 pairs of boots. “Ho-Ha—” yelled Rea—

So my Honey is mad—Ho-Ho—She won’t write me a long letter until I write her. Well-well—to tell the truth my Dear, I don’t blame you a bit—I deserve all the punishment but—I sure would like to see that long letter—when


are you going to write it?

I went to school again today—nothing of interest happened.

Nothing but arguments in this barracks tonight—I’ve had two or three over engines and electricity and won them—ha.

There is one going on now over a gas tank—I’m not in on it. Thank heaven.

I’m studing motorcycles [illegible cross out] this week—would rather ride them. Wouldn’t you?

I have an idea—I think I will send a couple of


of your letters back with each letter I send you—that would be one way I could save them unh? You be sure and save them for me.

I don’t want to throw them away—they are to sweet. Now be sure and save them Honey—I want them.



I love you—always

x Walt x

(- —- —)

[unnumbered page 4]

Instead I am sending them back in envelopes.—I will mark them on the back and all you will have to do is put them away.





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