28 April 1942

Here’s another letter without an envelope, but I don’t have a lone envelope for this date or the day after. I’m leaning toward the idea of Ruth misfiling the read letters, but I don’t want to change how I found them—I’ll change the order on this site if I think it’s necessary, but I’m keeping the letters with the envelopes I found them in or without envelopes, if that’s the case.


Apr. 28, 1942

My Honey:—

How is you? Is you O.K.? Ah hopes so. Ah is fine.

Ah didn’t get a letter today. Probably get two tomorrow or maybe you decided not to write until you get one. Can’t say as I blame you. But don’t forget the morale of the army—The hell with the army, don’t forget me. Of course I don’t think you will, I know you won’t.

I went to school again today—same as usual, rather dry. I’m getting restless from inaction, non action, deaction, reaction, no action, etc.

The (fel) fellows got back with the “jeeps” today—94 of them—I hope we keep on getting equipment. (Yepp) Yippee! I half wish I wasn’t going to the darn old school—then I could drive.

Honest Honey—I’ve (racked) “busted” a gear in my brain from trying

[unnumbered page 2]

to think of something to write. You’ld better ask me some questions. for instance:—

1. Do you love me?

1. Why sure I love you Honey—You sure know I do.

2 etc.

2 . . .

The weather was lovely today—Hope it continues. Very glad it is like p spring back in Ohio. I bet you feel better now,—in a way spring makes you feel good—It also makes me feel sorta lonesome—but—The lights in this barracks are so dim that I can’t see very good—they are very dim!

If you are like me I know you won’t think much of this letter but it is all I can think of tonight—So—

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You—forever

x Walt x


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