29 April 1942 (2)


Apr. 29, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

So you finally recieved my letter—Fine. I think you should have a couple more by now. Hope a hope.

We had school again today—oh! Just a half a day. We had a review this afternoon and we were inspected by a two star General—Ow wow.

So you are attending a trial—Say—I’d like to attend this particular trial, I’ll bet it would be rather interesting. Unh? What do you mean very personal? Ha—Give me the low down. Don’t blush tho.

Well Honey—I believe, if the only reason I was wearing a girdle was to hold my stockings up I’d find another way.—Wait till I come home tho.

And you are gaining a little weight unh?—Have to do something about that


Although I must say—121 lbs isn’t so bad, I’ll take 120 or 121 lbs. of Ruth Dailey every day in the week, especially when that 121 lbs. is built up in the shape of Ruth Dailey. Yes Indeed!

So the blossoms are out in Ohio.—Good, I sure wish I could see them.

And say—would I ever like to see a certain person in a certain pair of pajamas. [scribbling] Listen—

“I’m ready for bed, clad in yellow pajamas. The top is rather scanty. It reaches only to the midriff. The neck is so low there is about 1/2 in of material before the bottom of the top, or something”. o o o o o

My Dear, I almost packed my clothes and “took off.”

When I first read it I wondered about the “1/2 in. before the bottom of the top”—I wasn’t sure whether you were getting the which above the where or the where above the which or the bottom


of what top of what—say the more I write the more I stutter—Unh? All kidding aside I believe you would be all right in P.J’s—What am I talking about. I saw you wearing P.J’s along about Christmas time didn’t I? No joking I sure would like to see those yellow P.J’s—If I had a pair of bright red ones wouldn’t that be a clash—Ha.—I wouldn’t meed my neck so low tho.

So you were (oer) over home, you, your mother and dad—I was very glad to hear that. It does me almost as much good as If I had of gone home—I got a letter from Mom today also and (I) she likes your parents very much. She said for me to be sure and not let them or you down—can’t figure out what she meant?—Guess she was always


afraid I was going to do something I wasn’t supposed to do—you know mothers—don’t you.—I am still supprised—Didn’t think you all would ever get that far.—Once again I’ll say I’m glad they all met—Saves me the responsibility—I always wanted to get them together but didn’t know how to go about it. Like when I was at your place on Sundays and your mother would ask us where to go—I had a notion to suggest home—but thought it would be too far or something—.

Well Honey—It is time to “hit the hay” so I’d better say—

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

(- —- —)

On back envelope flap: (- —- —)

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