29 April 1942

The handwritten date on this letter sure looks like 24 April, but the envelope is postmarked 29 April, so I’m going with that date. There is another letter clearly dated  29 April and its envelope is postmarked on the 30th, so I’m taking it as a sequence. I don’t see anything in the contents of this letter that would place it earlier.


Apr. 29, 1942

Hello Ruth :—

Another rainy day is passed and it looks as if the clouds are breaking up a little—I hope.

I went to school again today—Nothing of interest happened. I studied last night after I quit writing to you. Still nothing interesting [writes above and below the word single and double t’s and r’s questioning his spelling] This is a “dopey” place. Oh well—just plain nuts to the joint.

How’s my Honey—O.K.? Fine, glad to see you are O.K.

To tell the truth I can’t think of nothing to say—nothing happened—guess I said that before.

I don’t like to send nothing, so guess I write later when I’m in the mood—to tell the truth I’m angry, not at you—just at anybody, no one in particular—Ha

I see you

I Love You

x Walt x


Hear, hear—here I am again—it is a little later—wind is blowing like the devil and driving rain right with it.

It isn’t even time for the lights to go out, but I’m tired and I think I’ll go to bed—I sure can sleep when it rains, just sleep and sleep and sleep.

I must be getting like you so tired and sleepy I just can’t write anymore Ha.—I know how you feel—Someday when you get tired and sleepy I’ll hold you while you go to sleep—someday—

(          )

I Love You


x Walt x

On back envelope flap: (- —- —)

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