3 April 1942

Walt doesn’t mince words in this letter, relaying that Ruth finally got her period, but he also makes clear that neither of them really know how conception happens, so on the point of what they may have done, that’s still not clear and I hope it stays that way.

Twila’s new job at “the Republic” I take to mean Republic Steel, a big employer in Youngstown, Ohio.


April 3, 1942

Hello my little Darling:—

That sure was one sweet letter, made me feel 1st class. It also relieved  me of a lot of apprehension [above line: apprehenicin or sompin.] [below line: spelling] over you. I see by your explanation that every little thing is O.K. Boy I sure am glad. I didn’t see how anything could have happened but those mystery boxes are very mysterious sometimes. It just seemed kind of funny to me that you were ill at such and such time, coincidence I guess. You say you still menstruate so that ought to make everything “hunky dory” And don’t hesitate to ask me anything—If I know I’ll tell you—If I don’t know I’ll find out.

I see by your “before picture” that your hair was sure long—strange as it may be I like long hair and I know the picture didn’t do you justice—I sure hope your new hair cut will make you look as good as you did with


long hair. I’m waiting anxiously for your next letter. I sure am glad we have rewired our communication system, Yes indeed!

So Twila got a job at the Republic—Good for her. Hope she makes out all right.

By the way,—my new address:—

Pvt. ———
B Troop
15 Cavalry
Camp Funston, Kansas

Call Aunt Ruth and tell her it is changed from Service Troop to B Troop.

You say it is rather cold there—Do you know what I’m doing:—It is early afternoon on Apr. 3rd—I’m am sitting on my bunk along a side of L Saldibar—(I’ll explain) There is no one else in the room and it is very quiet, a lovely afternoon to write, especially to my sweetheart, As it is very warm I have taken my shirt off and a cool warm breeze is blowing thru the window, it serves to keep one a little cooler. I hear a train in the distance, it will probably pass


close by within a few minutes headed toward the East, I wish I was on it. We seldom get an afternoon like this to ourselves but this is the way it happened. Larry and I drew a Canteen Check as we were broke and went to the Post Exchange, we got a hair cut and some soap and shoe polish, by the time we got back to our barracks the troop was elsewhere, where I do not know and do not care. I sincerely hope we don’t get caught. Yes indeed!

I have some new info as to furloughs—The 1st Sergeant said that 15% of the Troop is allowed on furlough at one time, I don’t suppose I have much chance but if you get a supprise Telegram grab that 12.00 buck and send it back in a hurry. Yes’m!—Don’t get excited it won’t be for some time if I do manage to get one.

You sure do have the gift of understanding especially over my getting “tipsy”—Thanks to you (- —- —)

About the blackout—We was in on it, A plane flew just over top of our barracks

[unnumbered page 4]

and dropped let a flare float down, it lit the place up like day light and also woke me out of a sound sleep.

I think we have to go out to the rifle range Mon. Get more practice.

I think I told you about Masden (the fellow that went A.W.O.L.) well he went again—I imagine when they catch him this time they’ll send him up for a stretch—Too bad as he seemed like a nice guy. They could shoot him if they wanted to.

Well Honey I think I’ll close for now, Will see you tomorrow

So Long

I love you

x Walt x

(- —- —)




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