4 April 1942

No sooner does Walt move and send his new address, but he is moved again, back to what is called the Service Troop.

He missed his sister’s birthday, which was 30 March, and he will miss spending Easter at home. He doesn’t have much spending money and can’t even buy ink for writing his letters.


Apr. 4, 1942

Hello Ruth:—My Honey,—

Know what:=I’ve moved again. I’m back in the Service Troop and am stationed between Camp Funston and Ft. Riley proper. The address is the same with the exeption—use Service Troop instead of B Troop.

We are in some ramshakle old barracks used by the Nat’l Guard in the year 1. I guess we will be here until they get some new barracks built which will probably be when the war is over. The you can never tell, we might move someplace tomorrow.


When we get to the privy and shower room now we have to walk, run or crawl 100yds.—Now isn’t that H——

My oh my Honey is it hot. I’m sitting on the shady side of the barracks and am sweating, I’d say perspiring only I don’t know how to spell it—Ha-Ha. I suppose you’ld better let Aunt Ruth know the change in my address. I tho’t I’d get a letter from you today but we moved to quick—Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow—I sincerely hope so.


I don’t know when I’ll be able to get some ink, I think maybe we will get paid on the 10th—I think I’ll get about $5.00 after they take the cleaning and laundry, insurance etc. out. My Goodness, isn’t that awful?

I started my diary today, I just wrote what took place (main things) from Youngstown till I arrived here (what day and date did I leave Youngstown—you know me I can’t remember nothing.) I wrote in day for day from the 27th. on.


What is the weather like back there now. If it is as hot as it is here it must be like summer. Do you know?—I forgot my sis. Ruth’s birthday, completely forgot.

The main thing I want to say is that, I’m very, very sorry that I don’t have a card or anything to send you for Easter—I think it’s the only time I haven’t been able to do anything but I honestly haven’t had the money, or chance,—even if I had it. But I still can send all of my love to you. I sure hate to be so I


can’t remember you by some token (- —- —)

I’m going to try to go to church tomorrow anyway—It sure won’t be like being home with you tho.

Member me and my clouds—well I see some light, fluffy ones coming over, hope a storm isn’t following them over.

Well Honey—

A Happy Easter

I love you

x Walt x

(- —- —)

(— —- –)


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