5 April 1942

In this letter, Walt is still upset about Easter, more so because of having to work, but at least the barracks has some holiday decoration—Ha!


April 5, 1942

Hello Honey:—

This is one hell of an Easter if I must say such a thing. I expected to go to church, yeah! I was put on a loading detail till 11:30 and church was at 11:00 and I just saw my name on K.P. for tomorrow, thats what happens when your name is toward the top of the list. (Damn)! I’m in a heck of a humor. If there was ever a lousy hole of a place to live were in it. And if they don’t have mail call pretty soon I’m going to blow a plug and thats about all the good it’ll do me.

Well Honey, what did you do today anything in particular, I guess there isn’t much use in asking you that as you always tell me anyway.—Ha. I mean you’ll tell me if they manage to get the mail around.

I hope if there ever going to get equipment for this 15th. Cavalry they’ld soon get it. It gets monoto—— or something

[unnumbered page 2]

lying, laying, sitting or standing around. My oh my but I’m in a terrible mood, I guess I’d better stop writing that stuff, unh?

Some guy in our barracks brought a bra. back with him last night and when I came back from chow I found it spread across my pillow—I took it and put across  some nails and put a piece of paper above it

Our Motto

Bigger and better bra’s.
_________      Some stuff unh?

this guy happens to be married, it must of been (its) his wifes, anyway it was in bad shape. It still had perfume or powder on it tho—Yeowwww [some lines that might be accidental marks] Tsk, tsk, you’ld think I was in Youngstown. Well Honey—I hope I get a letter from you, I want to hear from you and also it will give me something to write to you

So Long, I love you, x Walt. x

[unnumbered page 3]

P.S. As I said in my last letter, It rained a little last night. And is a little cooler and I love you, love you, love you!

And if I don’t get my mail

Say H0ney—I bet you can hardly read these, I lay on my back prop my legs up and then try to write. So don’t be too harsh if if the address looks as if a hillbilly wrote it.

So Long

I love you

x Walt x


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