6 April 1942

There’s a funny story in this letter about running to the “privy” in the night. Otherwise, money, furloughs, and laundry are recurring themes.


April 6, 1942

Hello Rufus:—

Well my dear, I finally recieved your letters—2 letters and an Easter Greeting. Thanks a million. I sure was glad they got here as I tho’t maybe they would get lost/

I’m in a little better mood today then Sun. I sure felt rough then. The K.P. wasn’t as bad as I expected and if everything goes right I shouldn’t have it again for awhile. It’s colder then the devil, I mean it feels cold as the wind is blowing so hard.

Ha-Ha—Funny!—You ought to see this place after dark. I’ve already told you its a good 100 yds. to the “privy,” well, Imagine a cold wind blowing (ho) hard and everybody sleeping or about to go asleep with there shorts on. All at once somebody lets out with an oath, climbs out puts on nothing but boots and takes off. Owowow. One of the fellows on guard last night

[unnumbered page 2]

said it looked like a track meet and let me tell you sure can “highball” down and back—I tried it. After you get there you are so cold you can’t do anything but shiver and—and by the time you get back it takes a half hr. to get warm.

I’ve been trying to figure out this furlough—If we start getting $42.00 a mo. I could probably try it in a couple of mos, [illegible cross out] hope a hope.

The Lt. (Troop Com.) told us this was to be a school regiment—It’s purpose for the time being is to train non coms. and (off) men at officers training school. That means we ought to be here for a year or more—It ought to be a crack outfit by then.

I have to go over to C. Funston and get some clothes I left at the tailors to be fitted and cleaned and I also have to wash some of my clothes as we haven’t been able to send out any laundry yet.

I see by your letters you and Twila must be together about as much as you and I used to be—Wish we were yet. Guess I better sign off


I love you—more then ever!

x Walt x


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