8 April 1942


Apr. 8, 1942

Hello Ruthie:—

me Darling:—

That wind is howling, but the mud is drying up and isn’t that a hell of a way to start a letter:—ha.

I didn’t tell Jack that Twila knew he was married, so he will probably think she is taking the bait (line) he sent her—Ha.

So Larry’s letter was the best unh? He’s a nice guy—But I’d like to know what he wrote, as for me not braging—you know I’m a conceited [written above and below conceited: ie ei] little ass, now don’t you.

And another thing my dear young lady!—you go right ahead and spend your money, don’t go saving it for me—I want my girl to look (an) as nice (and better) as the rest of the girls—That’s an order—Ha.—

I bought some post cards—pictured—I’ll send a couple just for the H—— of it maybe when I haven’t much time—We’ve had plenty the last couple days.

If I don’t write Mom a letter pretty soon she’ll think I’ve moved again, I can’t think of much to write to them tho—funny unh?

Has twila answered her letters yet and what did you say when you told her

[unnumbered page 2]

what I wrote:—Umph!

Well, I drawed another canteen check so I could buy cig. and as you see I bought some ink. If I have to draw another one I won’t have to go and get paid ‘ha.

You know, sometimes I seem to write everything in a small sentences and don’t fill up much space—The next time I don’t say half as much and fill more space—Nuts unh?

Well, I guess I must of said everything except the most important thing—

I love you

Your future hubby

x Walt x

(- —- —)

(           )

Note on outside envelope flap:

Say my dear—I’m looking forward to that picture.

Note inside envelope:

Say Honey—This free mail is quite allright—Unh?

Love, Walt


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