9 April 1942

I tried to reproduce a few of the little heart drawings and hope your computer recognizes them.

Walt went to see two movies, This Woman is Mine and I Wake Up Screaming. I like the ability to show clips of such media of the time to give a sense or a reminder of what the period was like.

You can see the first one here:

From 1941, it’s described as “Three seafaring fur traders fall in love with an attractive stowaway discovered aboard their ship.”

I Wake Up Screaming sounds a little more interesting, starring Betty Grable and Victor Mature. Here’s the trailer:


Apr 9, 1942

Hello Darling:—

I recieved  a very nice box of candy from a very nice young lady. Now wasn’t that nice? It sure was! Thanks to her I was remembered at Easter—More then I done for her.

It’s slightly warmer in Kansas today wind is still blowing like the devil, it might clear up sometime today—Hope a hope.

A young fellow by the name of Smith won a couple of bucks last night and [illegible cross out] he and I went into Junction City to the roller rink, we skated about 15 min. and then went to a show. We saw, “This Woman Is Mine,” and, “I Wake Up Screaming,” They weren’t bad. We got back to camp about 12:00 and were supposed to be in at 11:00—They didn’t see us tho. In fact we left the show before we “This Woman Is Mine,” was finished so I still don’t know who married who—distressing isn’t it!

As it is about “chow” time I will

[unnumbered page 2]

close for now and write more later unless some [illegible cross out] unexpected order comes thru


l o v e



I love you

x Walt x


(x xxxx xxx)

(♡ ♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡)

(♡ ♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡) [double hearts]

Written diagonally aside the parentheses: nuts unh?—Anyway I do.

If some of the authorities would open this letter to check up—well—They’d probably give me a medical discharge—Ha. Well—[I] Ah says to hell wif em.

20 nin min. later:—

I hit the jackpot today. I just recieved two letters from you, one from Twila and one from sis. Ruth.

And you know—much to my supprised your new hair-do is quite allright. When I first heard of 3 inch hair I figured all the women would be running around


like sheared sheep. I should of (knowm) known better, no women would do a thing like that, “A womes hair is her crowning beauty.”—So they say. So say I.

2-3 or 4 hrs. later:—

Just finished “chow” and wish I was eating some of your mother’s chicken.—Personally I thing we got a hell of a Mess Sgt.—I realize that they don’t have much to work with and cook with coal (in this place) but nevertheless “chow” isn’t so “hot.”

So [illegible cross out] our “12.00 has growed into “20.00 unh? Must be black magic or a very generous sweetheart—Must be that darling girl friend of mine.

Now Honey, when you see a happily mare married couple (illegible cross out) you just remember that our tine is coming by and by, I’m as sure of that as I’m sure there are stars above. And I reckon we can take it, for our love will go on, there is always something to look forward to—and I don’t think it will be long. Now don’t you cry anymore, [several illegible words crossed out] for ,

I’ll be seeing you

Love x Walt x   (over)

[unnumbered page 3]

Just read this,

Guess I’ll have to quit swearing in my letters. It’s not very nice unh?

x WALT x [printed as with all x’s]

There is an elderly fellow by the name of Murphy (from Idaho) he said for me to tell you to send a four lb. box the next time—He likes me because he thinks I’m Irish—Ha. There is also an old Dutchman he likes me because he thinks I’m Dutch—now I didn’t lie to either one of them—Ha.



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