14 August 1942

Is the phrase “good natured brother” a euphemism? It was in another letter, but I thought it was a joke or had hidden meaning. ::shrugs shoulders::

A transcript follows the letter images.





Aug 14, 1942

I Love You,

Hello Sweetheart,

Still love me? Sure an I know you do, you needn’t answer that silly question—Oh yes, you’ld better answer it, for I never get tired hearing you say it. So you can go right ahead and say it even if I do know it.

The little wine colored glasses are O.K. I’ll bet—Wouldn’t mind seeing them—Maybe I can (ta) drink a toast to you out of one of them some time. “To my Sweetheart”—Would that be O.K.

Say Honey—things don’t look so good “accross the way” do they? Wish somebody would win somewhere—I wouldn’t have to guess so much.


Say—How is that good natured brother of yours—Does he still make the wisecracks like you told me he did.

So there is a one sided romance going on in your office is there Tsk, Tsk—Well—I’ll wish luck to whichever whichever one who needs it the most—either to get him or vice versa—Ha—Am I nuts?—Don’t ans. that.

Well Honey

I have a little trip to make—Down to Mrs. Murphy’s—Ha.—

So I will say—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

(x xxxx xxx)

I love you

x Walt x

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