15 August 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.







Aug 15, 1942.

I Love You,

Hello Sweetheart,

What cha doin’ this Sat. nite? (Wh) Wish I was home, then I betcha I would know. Going’ out with me unh? Sure as I would like to be rolling out to your place, I would be one happy fellow—And how.

I didn’t get a letter today, probably will get two tomorrow, I hope so. I’m not crying about it tho—You’ve wrote me enough letters since I left that I couldn’t say a word if you didn’t write me for a month—Ha—Don’t you ever stop writing me for a month—or even a week or you’ll have a mess of letter a mi. high in your mailbox and every one will have a question mark on it—asking what the trouble is.


I’m not worried tho—I got a real sweetheart (illegible cross out) The sweetest little darling a soldier ever had.

The 2nd army is restricted to camp except for 3 days a wk. including officers and all personal. And since we are attached to the 2nd army we are restricted also. Another order came out for our Troop.—If anybody misses bedcheck they are restricted to Camp for a wk. If the same person misses it twice the platoon he belongs to is restricted a day for every hour he is absent after 11:00—

This is a hell raising outfit and they are trying to calm us down a little—Ha.

Wish I’d a got your letter today—I can’t think of anything to say—Except to tell you—I love you. I’m getting a little homesick again—I sure would like to see you, hold you and kiss you again—Even for a few minutes,



it would seem like old times again. It sure seems like a long time since I was back there—Pierce and I was talking about what we used to do and our girls etc.—Every time I get the blues he gets them too. Most of the time tho we are razzin each other or kidding some of the other guys. Every now and then tho we sink down in the depths of despair and have a talk—finally go to bed like a couple of whipped pups and go to sleep. Do you ever do that?

You know Honey—I’ve laid on my bunk (and) after dark and when everybody is sleeping, and looked out the door to the sky and wished [illegible cross out of about five words] for you—It sure does get lonely here at night—Oh well—so much for that—Guess I shouldn’t moan about things so much—


They will turn out allright—Sooner or—sooner I hope.

Well Honey—Guess I’d better close for tonight—mnd mind?

Until tomorrow then

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

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