16 August 1942

Here’s hoping Walt doesn’t write in this angled style again, which was obviously inspired by the stationery heading.

I don’t know what book Walt is talking about Ruth reading or why she has a passport, but I figured out the coded message on the back of the envelope. I feel like a kid with an Ovaltine secret decoder ring:

A transcript follows the letter images.






love you
Pennings from Walt
Aug. 16, 1942.

How is my Honey this Sun. afternoon—O.K.? I hope she is cause I don’t want her to ever feel bad—I’d rather feel bad myself then let her be that way—cause I love my Honey—Guess she knows that unh? Sho she does.

Sure Ruth—I’ll always be with you—Remember the night I said that—well—I mean it just as much, even more then I did then. So you needn’t worry about being alone, Just call on Walt.

Getting any new ideas from the book. Has it got anything interesting in it—I rather imagine it has, Very likely some things you knew and a few you didn’t unh?—There are a lot of facts in them and also some things to “take with a grain of salt” because they are nothing but the authors opinion.

So you got your badge did you—Can’t keep you out now unh? Carry your passport right with you.—Thats O.K. I guess but it is a nuisance sometimes too.

This sure is a dead Sun. afternoon—nothing to do at all

[unnumbered page 2]

It is rather hot also—and since I just ate I feel like laying down and going to sleep.—Maybe I will after while.

When we get married I guess you will have to spend a large part of your time keeping me awake—Or do you think so.—I rather doubt it myself—Ha.

You know Honey—I’m almost afraid to mention getting married now—Some of the boys here are getting some queer reports in their letters.—One fellow told me this morning that a buddy of his got married because he didn’t thing he would have to for quite awhile—Two weeks later he was sent and on Aug 6th——

That’s no good——I guess you know that unh? I’m still hoping tho—And will continue for I sure would like to be with you for awhile—forever in fact. Well get along tho Honey—Everything is bound to turn out allright for us—It has to—besides I’ve got a “hunch” it will—and those kind of hunchs always turn out O.K.—So—Honey

Until Tomorrow

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


Note on back of envelope in Walt’s code:

[illegible cross out] Send testament

x Walt x



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