2 August 1942

This envelope is also marked as having an incorrect address, specifically “NOT R.1,” but perhaps it was delivered anyway, and that was mostly information for the resident to convey.

Walt is robbed, or “rolled,” as he puts it of a big chunk of his pay while he’s in the big city of Topeka.

A transcript follows the letter images.










Aug 2, 1942.

Hello Sweetheart,

How is my little Darling this Sunday morning? I sure wish I was back home with you this morning, I would probably be in much better shape.

I came in to Topeka last evening with another fellow and we proceeded to “paint the town.” Well I got rolled for “Ten bucks” after I got to the Hotel. I went to sleep and when I woke up this morning my “ten” was gone


That leaves me on the 2nd day after payday with 3 bucks. Wouldn’t that “scald you”—I intended to send that ten to you Fri. nite in “Junk” town, but when I went to the telegraph office for a money order they were lined out on the side walk waiting to get in—Consequently I guess I can’t send it as I don’t have it—Dammmmn.


I have your watch at a jewellers in “Junk town” getting it repaired. I’m supposed to pick it up Tues. I think I know where I can get the money to get it tho.—Isn’t life grand—nuts.

This isn’t a bad town (city). But I wish I had stayed at Camp now—It’ll be another month of paying in Camp every nite. I guess I can take it tho, I did before.

Say—What is the matter Walt, all you’ve done since you started this letter is cry—You haven’t even told


Ruth how much you love her—You do, don’t you? I hope to tell you I do! What makes you ask such silly questions? I guess Ruth knows how much I love her even if I haven’t told her thus far—Don’t you Ruth? Shure an I knew you did. Guess I’ll just tell you anyway—O.K.?—Well even if it isn’t O.K. I’ll tell you anyway.

I Love You.


I still feel kind of silly over suggesting a ring—Maybe you had a better idea—And besides I think maybe the money could be used to a better advantage some day. What do you think?

Well Honey

I Love You

Guess I’d better sign off

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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