21 August 1942

I couldn’t find the version of this song that Walt heard from The King Sisters’ Yvonne King, but it is a good song in this version, too:

A transcript follows the letter images.














Aug 21, 1942

I Love You


“Do You Miss Your Sweetheart Like Your Sweetheart Misse‘s You.”

Do you like that song? I heard Y’Vonne (or sompin) King sing it the other night and I think it is pretty much allright.

The Troop went on a 16 mi. hike today instead of a 12 mi. But —ha—I didn’t—I went up to the garage today and worked on my truck a little.

I started this letter about 1 hr and 1/2 ago—But Pierce and I got to talking about what we used to do in


school and just now finished.—We sure had some confab. he would tell something and so would I -Ha.

It is dark now and I found a flash light a guy had, So I can see for a little while.

This is a lovely evening, not too hot or too cold—wish it would stay like this,—wish I were with you on nights like this—It would be like heaven. No?—Yes. It would be even better then that I believe, I could be sure of you—Can’t be about most things.


I don’t care myself,—what other peoples idea of a Christian is—I’ve got my own idea of what they are—and Honey your the the highest ideal that I have every seen—I never could understand how anybody could be a nice as you for so long—I can be nice for a time—and just the opposite also—or don’t you know? I don’t think I ever really done anything so awfully terrible—I always had a fairly high ideal myself but it is a mans ideal I guess. Some things that people think are wrong, I admired others doing—not so much for


what they done but for the nerve it took to do it—If you was to ask me any specific thing that I’m talking about I couldn’t tell you—It has happened so many different times that I know that is the way I am. Say—I can’t even fully understand that piece of a letter myself.

But Honey,—to get back on the subject—They don’t make ’em any better then you—and if you ever feel like telling anybody your ideas, why—tell them,—If they don’t like it—let them (lump) lump it. But,—I guess that is a diff-


erence between you and I, maybe for the better unh? Your the best there is—so just stay that way Honey—I’ll love you forever.

There is a rumor circulating that our regiment may take a 500 mi. trip to Denver. Boy oh boy, I sure hope so—that would be O.K. unh? They probably won’t tho—just rumor I imagine.

Oooooo—Is this ever a nice night—It makes me feel like I’d like to fly straight to you and stay right there—It is warm—a warm breeze blowing—stars shining and crickets “cricketing” the night (You) would talk for us—we wouldn’t have to say a word.


I would just hold you and we would listen. and listen and lis ten and lis and

Oh boy she kissed me—It sure would be nice wouldn’t it?

Say “Do you miss your sweetheart like your sweetheart miss’s you.” I’ll bet if you do, you sure get lonely at times Yes?! Ha.

Do you ever listen to the war stories on the radio? We never do—I think some of them are good but they make people think too much—So—We just turn to an orchestra or something. I imagine there are some


masterpieces tho.—Maybe I will listen to one someday.

Lanny Ross is on now—he is singing a pretty song I don’t know the name of it. Some of it—”The moon is high and you are glamorous. The night is (Pretty) young—etc. and I’m in love—In love with you.

They had a show here tonight but I didn’t go.—nuts to ’em.

Y’know Honey—I was just thinking the other night—Once you told me what kind of flowers you like and I can’t think save me what they were—Was it Gardenias or what the devil


were they? I just like to know I like to remember things like that.

Well Honey—I’ve wrote quite a little letter tonight.—Strange isn’t it? Sometimes I get wound up.—’Member sometimes when I used to get a few (shots) “shots”—(it just happened once in awhile) I would talk a “blue streak” or did I always talk?—I mean once in awhile I would go to extremes. Ha—One day the Sgt. in our tent got a 1/2 gallon of wine sent to him from San Antonio. I drank quite a bit of it with him and Pierce and got to talking like the devil—they were


all so surprised they just sit around and hung there voices on a pole because I had the floor—they’ve been razzing me ever since ha—

I shouldn’t have started this sheet—I’ve just about run out of gab—No wonder.

I guess we are going out again next week—It will probably be worse then the last time—If it is I think I’ll resign—Ha. It probably will be good for us—the more training we get, the better we will be.


[unnumbered page 10]


I guess I’d better start slowing down a little


Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:

I love my Honey



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