22 August 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.








Aug 22, 1942

I Love You

Hello Ruth,

How is my Sweetheart today? Did you go home last night or did you have to work (tonight) today? I don’t see any sense in asking you these questions as you always answer them before you get the question.

We had an inspection today that was an inspection, we had to stand rigidly at attention for approx. 15 min. while the Capt. gave us the eye, inspected clothing, haircuts, tents, rifles etc.

We had our pictures taken today—the troop as a whole. They cost a “buck”, I’ll probably send you one after payday.


Then to top it all off—We congregated in the mess hall to listen to the Capt. explain current events etc. He started to ask questions about geography and very few (peop) of us knew anything—He only ask me one question and I was lucky (to) enough to know it. but—He told four of us—2 Sgt. and 2 Cpl. that we would have to make a 15 min speech or summary on current events—I got the Chinese situation—Darn luck—they never print anything in the paper about China anymore—How am I suppose to get any info? I’m sure I don’t know. Ha.


They can’t get hair off a toad, so if I don’t know anything I can’t say much—a nice deduction—eh Watkins?

I may think of something in a wk. tho. I sure hope so—The only reason he called on us was to find out how smart we are—He isn’t fooling me a particle and I never could talk in public.—I must be worried the way I’m talking about it. Tank so?

I’m “Charge of Quarters” tomorrow from 12 A.M. until 6:00 Mon. morn. After you get a Cpl. rating you have to take it for the Troop. You get it whenever your turn


comes up.

I heard they are going to start giving furloughs again. I sure would like to get one, especially before Winter comes. 7 mos. is really a long time to be away don’t you think? I may try to get one pretty soon. I should don’t shouldn’t I?

Well Honey

Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

x Walt x

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